Mentioned below are some of the many testimonials from our visitors & clients…


“The event was great – some surprise wins, with enough free pizzas and energy drink to keep the buzz going all evening. Without giving away too much details, a company of funky sculptures and friendly team in guises of old-time favourite game characters greeted me in, and immediately there were retro games, matches, and give-aways happening. I would definitely check in again for events like this, or any others live plays in different game genres. It totally made me look forward to Techvana’s grand opening!” – Hayley Kim


“Mark, Katie and the team at Techvana were awesome. I needed some specific period tech props and through their vast collection they totally sorted me out. Unique items in great condition.  I also made a last minute request for a 1980’s style mind reading helmet prop to be made. An all nighter by Dinith later and what they came up with was truly next level.” – Angus Kerr, Art Director, Studio RA


“Even a Week later the students who came to the museum are still buzzing about the event. Many students have come to me independently to express their gratitude for being able to attend and some have gone as far as to say this is the best school trip I have been on” – Michael J Billington Director Digital Design Murrays Bay Intermediate.


“It’s really cool how after watching documentaries about people and the previously used technologies and actually getting to see them hands on” – Student, Murrays Bay Intermediate.


“Half of the things that you get to see here I have only got to see them on the internet but you never really get to see them up close and this is much more enriching” – Student, Murrays Bay Intermediate.


Digital Nationz Feedback :
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