Prop Hire

Prop Hire

Have a project or event requiring technologies from a certain decade? Perhaps it’s a movie set in the 70s or a classy function needing some interior decorating?  Ask us about our prop hire!

We have items ranging from the mid 20th century and including computers, game consoles, mobile phones, and robotics. Contact us with your requirements using the form on the right.

Our skilled team is also able to design and build technology props with particular expertise in electronics, robotics, and software development.

Our Props have been featured in movies, TV, advertising and events that have won awards in Australia and New Zealand.



“Mark, Katie and the team at Techvana were awesome. I needed some specific period tech props and through their vast collection they totally sorted me out. Unique items in great condition.  I also made a last minute request for a 1980’s style mind reading helmet prop to be made. An all nighter by Dinith later and what they came up with was truly next level.” – Angus Kerr, Art Director, Studio RA


If you have a prop in mind call our friendly staff to discuss your requirements.

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MicroprofessorVidplay 707Sinclair ZX SpectrumAtari 2600Vectrex