NTEC Interns

NTEC Students

As part of our sponsorship agreement with the National Tertiary Education Consortium (Ntec), Techvana is seeking IT opportunities for some of Ntec’s graduate IT students from National Technology Institute (NTI).  NTI is a part of the National Tertiary Education Consortium (Ntec) and offers a Diploma in Computing (level 7) with majors in either software or networking.  NTI has also recently commenced a Graduate Diploma in Information Technology.

NTI recognises that learning is reinforced with practical experience and as such assists their students to find “real world” work experience.  Graduates who have recently completed their Diploma are now available for a minimum of 100 hours internship.  Internships can be part time or full time depending on your business needs.

Interns can offer –

  • Up to date knowledge of software and hardware
  • Fresh perspective
  • Enthusiasm
  • High levels of training

The benefits for providing an Internship include –

  • It builds a positive perception of your brand and industry.
  • It demonstrates to staff and customers that people are employed on merit.
  • It can assist to bring the student up to speed by providing on the job training.
  • It allows you to assess how suitable a student is for a job prior to offering them employment.
  • It assists you to ensure your training and induction protocols are up to date.

The expectation of an Internship is that a student will be exposed to a range of different duties and environments within a business setting.  The goal is for the student to gain an overview of the way a business operates and how their role fits into a business environment.

Regular contact is kept with the Intern employer and student during this process to ensure that the process runs smoothly.

Here are the outlines for the courses these students have graduated from….




If you would like to discuss Internships, please contact Mark Barlow using either the form on the right or by calling on +64 9 222 0013.