Education Visits

Education Visits

Learning through interaction

We believe that technology is meant not only to be seen, but to be interacted with, so at Techvana we have a wide range of exhibits that people can interact and play with. These range from numerous going vintage computers and game consoles to handcrafted exhibits that demonstrate some of the key underlying concepts of science and technology.

We engage students by encouraging them to participate with each of our activities and teach them by demonstrating practical applications of these key concepts right in front of their eyes.

Our team of trained technology experts will be monitoring the flow of the entire experience, ensuring that each student will have an informative, memorable, and safe technology experience.
We can also tailor the technology experience to suit your students specific learning requirements and syllabus.

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“Even a Week later the students who came to the museum are still buzzing about the event. Many students have come to me independently to express their gratitude for being able to attend and some have gone as far as to say this is the best school trip I have been on” – Michael J Billington Director Digital Design Murrays Bay Intermediate.

“It’s really cool how after watching documentaries about people and the previously used technologies and actually getting to see them hands on” – Student, Murrays Bay Intermediate.

“Half of the things that you get to see here I have only got to see them on the internet but you never really get to see them up close and this is much more enriching” – Student, Murrays Bay Intermediate.

“Techvana has been more than helpful in making their facility available for the children on our school holiday computer classes. The children loved looking at all the computer equipment and enjoyed playing the old computer games on the original equipment.  They were so fascinated that it was hard to get them back to study. It really broadened their horizons to see over 70 years of the development of computers.  Thanks Katie and Mark” – Ed Brown, Director – Grand Training